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You are in the center

We put YOU in the center of our actions. We are satisfied if we are your first point of contact for all needs around SecondHand Designer handbags. Whether it's about a special request, selling a bag or even an exchange of a handbag - we are here for you.


The Swiss company SECONDHANDBAGS AG sells exclusively original luxury secondhand products. The authenticity of all products is guaranteed.

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Secondhand zu kaufen bedeutet weniger Modeabfall und verleiht hochwertigen Artikeln ein zweites Leben


Wir garantieren die Echtheit eines jeden Produktes sowie eine professionelle Beschreibung und Präsentation seiner Qualitätsklasse.

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Echte Produktbilder

Für jede Tasche stellen wir Ihnen echte und detaillierte Produktbilder zur Verfügung.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton









"The future means re-commerce "

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"Now there are the first online shop Switzerland"

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We put YOU in the center of our actions. We are satisfied if we are your first point of contact for all needs around SecondHand Designer handbags. Whether it's about a special request, selling a bag or even an exchange of a handbag - we are here for you.

Your questions, our answers

We have created a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

All secondhand designer handbags are shipped from Switzerland. If you make an order outside Switzerland, we fully assume customs costs.

Which Secondhandbags AG offers a 100% guarantee of authenticity for all bags we sell! To combat counterfeiting and protect your purchase, our network of renowned brand experts carefully checks each item. We only sell bags that we would be proud to carry ourselves – so you can complete your order with 100% confidence.

Ja wir bieten auch die Möglichkeit, Taschen durch uns authentifizieren zu lassen. Dazu schreiben Sie uns am besten eine E-Mail an mit allen Details zur Tasche. Wir werden uns Zeit nehmen die Tasche anzuschauen und Ihnen innerhalb von 5 Werktagen die Tasche inklusive der Echtheitskarte zu retournieren. Sie können die Tasche gerne an folgende Adresse senden oder persönlich bei uns vorbeibringen.

Secondhandbags AG
Riedthofstrasse 214
8105 Regensdorf

Die Kosten für den Versand zu uns ist von Ihnen zu tragen, der Rückversand an Sie ist hingegen im Preis inbegriffen. Der gesamte Authentifizierungsservice kostet CHF 80.- pro Tasche. Für Hermès Taschen wird eine zusätzliche Gebühr von CHF 100.- fällig.

Unfortunately, these pictures were more likely to be used by other persons. This is particularly careful with imaginary serial numbers. On the other hand, the significance of these pictures decreases, as every fraudulent seller can find such a picture on the internet. That's why we have decided not to publish pictures of this kind more.

You have an unrestricted 5-day right of return. Decisive is the postmark. Since we re-verify the bag at each return and check the quality, we charge a fee of 5% of the purchase price or a maximum of CHF 100.- per return. The right of return also applies to purchase and installment purchase.

We have a worldwide network of suppliers. Due to customs transactions, authentication processes and a final, thorough cleaning, unfortunately it may take up to 5-10 working days until the item is ready to ship. Important: With a payment by prepayment, this process starts only after receipt of payment.

We have a wide network of contacts and dealers. Without leaning too far out of the window, we can assert almost every handbag. However, a rare model may take a little longer. That's why we have our wish list:Contact us here!

New handbags come in daily. So it's worth looking by for you.

Partly we have unworn exhibition models. You will find a detailed description on every product page.

Once the bag has been sent to us, you will receive a confirmation email that also contains a tracking number. In Switzerland we ship with Swiss Post and internationally we ship with DHL. In addition, your package is assured until you keep it in your hands.

Order something at second handbags is easy. Thats how it works:

Select a designer in the menu or search directly after your polluter dream. You have found your favorite piece: On the product page you will find all detailed information on condition, price, delivery time, quality level and much more. Put the designer handbag in the shopping cart and go to checkout. There you can either order as a guest or with a customer account. You only need an e-mail and delivery address. All payment methods we offer credit cards, PayPal, Twint, ideal, prepayment, invoice or installment purchase. You have ordered? Et voilà - now a confirmation e-mail is on the way to you. Your order will be carefully compiled in our Swiss logistics center and sent to you. After shipping, we will send you an e-mail that confirms the shipping. You ordered something wrong? No problem, with Secondhandbags you have a 5-day unrestricted right of return.

Our boutique in Zurich we have given up to another. Single bags can be viewed on request in our office at Riedthofstrasse 214, 8105 in Regensdorf. However, we do not have all the pockets directly with us in stock, which is why it is important to indicate the bag when booking.Appointments can be booked here.There is no customer account required to book an appointment.

When ordering on account, you have the opportunity to pay the bill completely or in installments. You decide easily only when receiving the invoice. The payment period is always 14 days. Please note that we buy on account with our financing partnerPowerPaywork together. The entire debt collection and dunning system is handled by our partner, which also carries out an identity and credit check. Since fraudulent orders have repeatedly occurred (other delivery address, postal account), from an amount of CHF 1000.- an additional confirmation with an SMS code is necessary.

Complete amount

For the transfer, please use the empty payment slip and enter the total invoice amount.


You want to pay the invoice amount in installments?

Please enter the desired payment amount in the empty payment slip. The minimum payment amount is 10% of the product. If you make a partial payment, you will receive a bill every month until the total amount is settled. The open amount increases by 1% each month. The amount to be paid can be re-selected at each rate. Pro bill is also charged by PowerPay a processing fee of CHF 2.90 (Post) or CHF 1.90 (e-mail).

We work together on account with For a rejection, there may be various reasons:

• They are not fully year.

• You can not find it with the specified address.

• Your personal, unavailable accountIMITE is not enough.

• You are in default of payment.

For privacy reasons, we receive no further information from PowerPay in most cases. Please contactHere directly to PowerPay for more information.

Which bag do you want yourself?

Tell us which bag you want. Our team tries everything possible to get your dream bag.